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Kurd for judicious use of funds


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Population Welfare Mir Hamyaun Aziz Kurd underlined the need for judicious use of funds to achieve the goals set by the government population control. These views were expressed by the Minister while taking presentation on the working and functioning of the Ministry of Population Welfare and its attached Departments. The presentation was conducted by Secretary Muhammad Sharif and attended by senior officers of the Ministry of Population Welfare .

Briefing the minister, the secretary said the function of the ministry is to create awareness of the people regarding advisors consequences of rapid population growth both of the national provincial, district and community level among women, men and adolescents and to promote family planning as an entitlement based on informed and voluntary choices. He said the overall vision of the population policy achieve stabilization by 2020 through expeditious compression of the demographic transition that entails declines both in fertility in mortality rates.

Speaking on occasion the ministers said that judicious use of funds is necessary for the achievements of the goals. He urged the officers of the ministry to work with dedication and honesty.-SANA



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