British High Commission revises visa fee

ISLAMABAD: The British High Commission in Islamabad has announced a small increase in UK visa fees with effect from 1st April 2008, says a press release. The visa fee increase, which applies globally, is the first since April 2007 and has been calculated to cover the cost of recent improvements to the UK visa service, including the establishment of Visa Application Centres and the introduction of the Points Based System.

The revised fee will be as follows: Direct airside transit visa (DATV) Rs.5850.00, Visit visas – single and multiple visits up to 6 months e.g. 6 month visit, medical treatment, visit for marriage/cp, visitor in transit, joining ship/aircraft, academic visitor Rs.8450.00, Premium visas – longer term multiple visits 2, 5 & 10 year multiple entry visas Rs.26,650.00, Students visas-All student and student dependent applications Rs.12,870.00, Permit free visas- For entertainers, voluntary workers and sports persons Rs.12,870.00, Employment visas e.g. HSMP, work permit, permit free employment Rs.26,650.00, Settlement visas-All settlement applications Rs.66,950.00, Other categories- e.g. Certificate of entitlement to right of abode, PLAB test, minister of religion, self employment, establish a business, retired persons of independent means, UK GP, sole representative, returning resident Rs.26,650.00, Mobile biometrics charge Rs.15,730.00 per hour maximum, Rs.113,100 in 24 hrs, Handling fee for commonwealth and overseas territories applications Rs.5720.00, Forwarding fee for Commonwealth and overseas territories applications Rs.7670.00.

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