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Murree Declaration, Charter of Democracy to be implemented: Nawaz

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ISLAMABAD: The PML (N) leader Nawaz Sharif says the new government will implement the Murree Declaration and Charter of Democracy in letter and spirit for the independence of judiciary, and sovereignty of parliament. Addressing a news conference, he said the new government has a number of problems and it will counter all the challenges in collaboration with the people. He congratulated the newly elected Prime Minister Syed Yousef Raza Gilani and all the members of the Parliament.

He said that they have come in the assembly with popular vote of the people and hoped that they would come up to the expectations of the masses. He also paid rich tributes to the lawyers, Ulema and the members of the civil society for the restoration of complete democracy in the country.

Nawaz Sharif said that new parliament which would be supreme body in formulating the laws has numerous challenges like price hike, foreign debts, extremism and terrorism to address. He said in future all the decisions would be made in the parliament and no individual would be allowed to take decisions of national importance. He said all the issues, including war on terrorism will be debated and decided in the parliament.

He called for the immediate reinstatement of deposed judges and reversal of the November 3rd actions. He said no delay should be made in convening the provincial assemblies’ sessions.
Referring to his meeting with US Deputy Secretary of State John Negropontay and Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Richard Boucher he said mutual relationship and war on terrorism cropped up for discussion at the meeting.

The PML (N)N leader said they are against terrorism in all its manifestation and want to see peace in the US, Europe and other countries of the world. He said we too want peace in Pakistan at the same time. He lamented that people in Pakistan are mercilessly being killed in the name of war on terror.-SANA

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