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PM orders arrested judges released

ISLAMABAD: In his first executive order the newly elected Pakistani Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani dictated on Monday the immediate release of all the detained judges, including the deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. “I order the immediate release of detained judges of the superior judiciary,” Gilani told the National Assembly, shortly after his election as prime minister with thumbing majority.

After issuing the order all barricades in the way to Jutice Colony were removed. And for the first time after November 3 people were allowed to the colony. Shortly after the order, members of civil society, lawyers, political activists and media turned up at the house of the deposed chief justice. The people gathered around the house, chanted slogans against President Musharraf and in support of the restoration of the judiciary.

PML-N leader Javid Hashmi, JI leader Liaqat Baloch , Justice ® Tariq Mehmood, and other political leaders and members of the civil society met the deposed chief justice. On this occasion Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry along with his family members and leaders of the lawyers come out of his house and thanked the people for supporting the sacked judges.

He said that their struggle was continuing and it will continue till complete independence of the judiciary. Supreme Court Bar Association president Aitizaz Ahsan said that the youngest political detainee of the world, who is the son of the deposed chief justice and who is a special person, was also released as a result of the order issued by the prime minister.

Aitizaz said that reinstatement of the deposed judges was yet to be carried out as only release is not sufficient. He added that lawyers will give 30-day time to the new parliament in this regard. He thanked the prime minister for releasing the detained judges.-SANA

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