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Kissinger advises US admin not to manipulate Pak politics

WASHINGTON: Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has urged upon the US administration not to manipulate the political process in Pakistan, as, he said, it may backfire. He asked the US leadership to focus on international security objectives in dealing with an emerging Pakistani leadership.

“At this point, any attempt to manipulate the political process that we have urged is likely to backfire. A wise policy must recognise that the internal structure of Pakistani politics is essentially out of control of American political decision-making. Construction of a centrist coalition is a commendable goal, but the conditions for it can only be nurtured by Pakistani political forces and, in the absence of a centre, require patience over a period of time,” the Daily Times quoted Kissinger as saying in an article published in the Washington Post.

He wrote in the article: “Our democratic principles should be clearly conveyed, but we should have learned by now that the evolution of the immediate political process is beyond our reach. Common approaches on the security issues are necessary, including an end of ambiguity towards terrorist enclaves.”

He further said that for in the past, Pakistani leaders have acted on the principle that good relations with the US were in Pakistan’s national interest. “A strategic consensus remains imperative. If that effort fails, many countries will be affected, and, perhaps more immediately, Pakistan’s stability should not be viewed as an exclusively American challenge,” he added. After the February 18 polls, Pakistan is steadily moving towards restoration of democracy, as on Sunday PPP co-chairman and PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif agreed upon a common agenda “Murree Accord”, which cemented their alliance to form the next federal government-SANA

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