Political stability to attract foreign investment: Ishtiaq Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan needs to improve its image abroad with political stability and enlightened policies, which are vital to attracting foreign investment. The government must encourage local investors for sustainable economic growth. These views were expressed by Muhammad Ishtiaq Qureshi Senior Vice Chairman Export of Manpower and Overseas Pakistani in a meeting with the delegation of business community here on Wednesday.

He said that the unstable political situation and lack of consensus on the concept of enlightened moderation, hindered robust economic growth. He said the country’s image needed to be improved and integrated with rest of the world to attract foreign investment. “We have always seen the glass half empty. But this time we are poised to see the glass half full,” he added.

Ishtiaq Qureshi also demanded of all the leading political parties in the country to prepare their programme for finding out long term solution of energy crises in the country. He said that industry is being badly hit due to shortage of electricity, gas and other energy resources, having multiple impacts on the business. Increase in foreign debt, hike in trade deficit and increase in prices of petroleum products are negative indicators for the economy, he mentioned. There is a need to make collective efforts to minimize these problems and lead the country towards bright future, he added.

He emphasized upon the need of improvement in law and order situation to encourage investment and improving economic condition of the country. Ishtiaq Qureshi strongly condemned the suicides attacks of Lahore. He demanded that law enforcement agencies should take strict measures to control such incidents. He further said that due to suicide attacks tourism sector is affecting badly and Pakistan fails to attract the foreign tourists last year which was declared by the Government of Pakistan “Visit Pakistan Year” and “we can say that visit Pakistan Year turns into Left Pakistan Year.” -SANA

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