LFO has no status if parliament does not approve it: Wajihuddin

ISLAMABAD: Former judge of the Supreme Court and a presidential candidate in the recent presidential election, Justice (R) Wajihuddin Ahmed has said that the supporters of the unconstitutional measures of army dictators have always been putting forth the same argument as they are putting forth now.

“The need of 17th Amendment arose in the same way as was felt by General Ziaul Haq when his military rule began to come to an end. He introduces the RCO. In the same way he introduced LFO. But none of these amendments have any legal and constitutional status unless the parliament validates them with two-thirds majority,” ht told the BBC.

Wajihuddin Ahmed said that the amendment was a compromise between Pervez Musharraf and the leadership of the MMA.“Pervez Musharraf was sitting in his office wearing the uniform of the COAS and he did not want to doff that uniform. In order to get that uniform doffed the 17th amendment was brought and amendment was made in Article 14-7. It was said in this amendment that on 31st December 2004 Mr. Prevez Musharraf would take off the uniform of the COAS and relinquish this office.” The two sides made this compromise, he said and added that this compromise in no away made any validation of the LFO of Mr. Pervez Musharraf.-SANA

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