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13 FIA officials among 25 killed in Lahore twin blasts

LAHORE: At least 25 people including 13 FIA officials were killed and over 160 others injured in two bomb blasts at the federal police headquarters, FIA and an advertising agency on Tuesday morning. The first bomb went off in office of the federal investigation agency (FIA) which almost demolished the whole building leaving behind piles of blackened rubble and burning cars.

FIA official Mirza Mohammed Yasin told reporters that it was caused by a bomb planted near a lift inside the building. “Bodies are being taken out of the building. I have seen five,” he added. Some 200 to 300 people are said to work in the building, and the number of casualties is expected to rise.

Police officials said that the blast was caused by a suspected suicide bomber. “We believe the suicide attacker came in a vehicle and hit the reception counter. We have recovered only a few pieces of the car which was used in the attack,” investigations superintendent Babar Bakht Qureshi said.

According to DG FIA, Ch. Manzoor Hussain, 18 persons were killed in the powerful bomb blast at FIA office on Temple Road. Talking to newsmen, he said the blast occurred near FIA reception office, adding that all the persons present at the reception fell victim to the explosion. To a question, he said it was yet to be ascertained whether it was a suicide attack or a bomb planted near the reception of the building.

Police cordoned off the area while emergency workers carrying stretchers scrambled over the rubble to recover bodies and shift the wounded to hospitals. The building was evacuated because of fears it could collapse, television channels reported. The second device detonated at the office of an advertising agency in neighbourhood of the city killing another several people, the official added. He said the second bomb went off in a residential area and two children were among the victims. Last week, six people were killed and 14 injured in a suicide bombing at Naval War College in Lahore.

President, PM condemn Lahore blasts, vow to continue war on terror
ISLAMABAD: President Pervez Musharraf and caretaker Prime Minister Mohammadmian Soomro have strongly condemned the series of bomb blasts in Lahore and renewed the pledge that such dastardly acts of terrorists and extremists would not deter the government resolve to fight the menace. In a message, President Musharraf said “the acts of terrorism cannot deter government’s resolve to fight the scourge with full force.”

The President in a message termed it a “savage act” not even sparing school going children and said the masterminds behind this gruesome act would be brought to punishment. He directed the law enforcement agencies to gear up and do their level best to prevent recurrence of such acts. He directed thorough investigation of the incidents to reach those who planned the blasts.

The President also prayed for all those innocent who were killed and directed the provincial government to ensure that best treatment was provided to the injured. The Prime Minister expressed great sorrow over the loss of life in the blasts that occurred in FIA Office and Model Town, and said the perpetrators of such crime would not be spared.

He said those involved in this criminal act were conspirators against the interest of the country and the people of Pakistan. He also condoled with the bereaved families and prayed for the eternal peace of the departed souls. Soomro said the government would take every step to trace the culprits and award them exemplary punishment. The Prime Minister directed the authorities to hold inquiry into the tragic incident.

Zardari condemns Lahore blasts
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Co-Chairman Asif Ali Zardari has condemned bomb blasts in Lahore that resulted in the killing of precious innocent lives. In a statement, issued here on Tuesday, Asif Zardari termed this heinous act of terrorism as “inhuman, barbaric and most despicable”.

The PPP Co-Chairman said that no religion permitted violence and shedding of the blood of innocent people for any reason and those doing so in the name of religion were doing a great disservice to the religion itself. He offered deep condolences to the bereaved families. He prayed for eternal peace to those killed and speedy recovery to the injured.

Farzana Raja condemns blasts in Lahore
ISLAMABAD: Secretary Information Pakistan Peoples Party Punjab Farzana Raja has strongly condemned the suicide attacks in Lahore on Tuesday morning in which more than 30 people including 13 officials of FIA were killed and more than hundreds were injured. In a statement, Farzana Raja said that it is callousness of the people involved in such attacks because innocent lives are being lost.

She said the coward acts on the part of terrorists are meant to weaken the roots of democracy in the country. She called for coordinated efforts by all democratic forces as well as the general public to foil these activities in the country. She condoled with the bereaved families and prayed for early recovery of the injured. She asked the government to provide best possible medical treatment for the injured and announce compensation for the victims.

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