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Zardari statement about Kashmir criticized

LONDON: President Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK Mohammed Ghalib on Monday expressed his dismay over the statement of PPP co-chairperson Asif Ali Zardari about Kashmir issue termed it a deviation from party’s long stated position on the issue. He was commenting on Zardari’s recent interview to an Indian TV Channel where he (Zaradari) suggested that India and Pakistan should put aside Kashmir issue to be resolved by a future generation while they focus on trade and economic ties to improve bilateral relation.

Emphasizing that Kashmir is not border dispute between India and Pakistan but a question of the future of 15 million people of Kashmir who had offered unprecedented sacrifices; Ghalib said Pakistan itself suffered a lot due to unresolved nature of this issue. He said Pakistan’s security and stability is directly linked to peaceful resolution of Kashmir issue which can not be set aside for indefinite period just for the sake of trade and economic ties with India.

Ghalib said Kashmiris had sacrificed an entire generation to take the freedom movement to present stage and they cannot wait for another 100 years to resolve Kashmir issue by future generations. He said that people of Pakistan rejected the Kashmir policy of Gen Mushrraf who wanted to established good relations with India on the cast of Kashmiri peoples’ sacrifices. Zardari, he added have no mandate to talk about continuation of the policies of dictator who had been rejected by the people of Pakistan.

He said that Pakistan Peoples party’s founder chairman Zulfikar Ali Bhutto gave the slogan to fight one thousands years for liberation of Kashmir and soon after it was Bhutto who turned cease fire line into Line of Control and now Party’s co-chairperson seem to be an apologetic even the mention of Kashmir issue by proposing that Kashmir should be left to resolved by future generation.-SANA

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