War on Terror is not Religious War: Imran

NEW DLEHI: Chairman Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that the global war on terrorism was not a religious war as its origin lies in politics and it was a well planned conspiracy against Islam like the western powers built an ideology against communism and Nazis to push their imperialistic policies. In an interview with an Indian journalist, the PTI chief said that the same tactics are being used by Hindu, Tamils and Israelis but no one name them to be Hindu extremists, Tamil extremists or Jewish extremists, even no one was naming activists of BNP as Christian extremists. “It is absolute nonsense and a very well planned conspiracy to build an enemy like the communists and like the Nazis- to Islamo-fascists. You build an ideological enemy and then you rally your people behind you and put the fear of God in them like they did with the communists and then you can just push your imperialist policies through.”

He added that the Hindu extremists burnt down 14 churches in Orissa and the BNP in England were extremists who want all other races to leave, who are focused on the color of your skin and the greatest fanatics in Israel have not been so propagated in the global media as Muslims.Every human community has its extremists, fundamentalists, its moderates and liberals and it was not justified to blame a religion for the activity of a few fanatics, he said.

The New York Times did a survey 2 years ago of 67 madaris and the worst terrorist attacks. Perpetrators of only four were from Madaris while 51 percent were university graduates. So that is another myth that the Madaris are breeding terrorists. About politics in Pakistan, he said that there were two groups, one was pro-status quo and the other anti-status quo and his group represents the anti-status quo which is the APDM.

APDM is a coalition of 25 parties, admittedly smaller parties but they are very ideologically oriented. Then you have the civil society and the lawyers also standing behind the judiciary. There is also a religious party the Jamat-e-Islami –it is also with us.

“There is no doubt we are facing multi-crises but if these crises had not occurred the status quo would still be strong and if that continues then there is doom ahead. We can’t survive with the status quo in this country because its just corrupt ruling elite, a parasite, sponging the people dry. These elitist-I call them “leeches”-they are hogging all the resources and just not letting the country move forward.”

These crises have shaken the status quo with this movement of the lawyers and judges and the civil society. Now that is the bright light. It is at cross roads-if we manage to get rid of these people, if the movement succeeds and the reinstatement of the judges happens then you will be seeing a new Pakistan, a new beginning. If we fail then I’m afraid we have bad times ahead, he said. About his rivals in Pakistan, Imran said that the only threat he had was from Musharraf and his ally Altaf Hussain, the leader of the MQM whose case he has taken to Britain and Scotland Yard.

“The Canadian Supreme Court has declared it (MQM) a terrorist organization. So my threat will be from these two people-Musharraf and Altaf. In that case they are directly implicated. They can’t palm it off on extremists as far as I’m concerned. So I guess as far as I’m concerned, I’m less at threat than Benazir was.” He said that many of the western leaders in America and European countries have no real knowledge of the local and regional politics of Pakistan and therefore the US continues to make decisions that are making the Pakistanis very angry.

“The fact that the administration still backs Musharraf is not going down well with most Pakistanis. Last month you were part of a protest in the UK when Musharraf came to meet the Prime Minister there and you were also in Washington DC to talk to members of Bush’s administration.” Musharraf has become a liability, an increasing liability for the army and the military commanders from the past experiences will go to protect the institution and not a single person, he said. “The problems in Pakistan are increasing by the day and Musharraf himself has become a problem. There is no way the Army will keep standing by him, especially since now he is no longer the Army Chief. All the previous three dictators were removed by the Army, so its only a matter of time.”-SANA

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