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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Winning party should form next govt: Musharraf

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ISLAMABAD: President Pervez Musharraf describing Monday’s elections as historic and land mark has said he is fulfilling the pledge he made with nation for holding fair, free transparent and peace elections and whoever wins the elections should form the next government. Talking to media persons after casting his vote at Bhindara School near President’s camp office in Rawalpindi Monday, the President said who ever wins will have their prime minister and the chief ministers.

About the future political scenario, the president said it was very good and democratic elections of a new government would take place as elections were being held in a very peaceful atmosphere. He said who ever won the elections let them from the governments and let them run the governments for five years and let them ensure the continuity and sustainability of economic upsurge and fight against scourge of terrorism more strongly beyond elections.

The president said he was a strong believer that the politics of confrontation must give way to politics of reconciliation not in anyone’s personal interest but in the interest of Pakistan. He said we must come out of this politics of confrontation and get into a conciliatory mode. He said he would remain committed to the politics of reconciliation with everyone. He wished the whole nation successful and peaceful elections so that we have a very stable future of five years of good governance.

The President lamented that despite his firm commitment to hold fair, free and transparent elections certain detractors and persons unfortunately cast aspirations and insinuations about the holding of elections and their fairness. He said these people were serving their own and political gains to create destabilization and derail the democratic process by saying that elections would not be held.

He said he would like to ask the entire media and people of Pakistan to recognize such people who were saying that elections would not be held casting aspirations on him and the government. He said his statements and the government’s stand regarding the holding of the elections stands vindicated.

President reemphasized that these elections would be fair, free, transparent and peaceful. There is no way this resolve would be contradicted. The president, however, asked the detractors not to bring bad name to the country by casting aspirations which are not the truth about the fairness of the elections. He said whoever gets elected; he would like to congratulate them, individuals and parties. He urged all those who won to show humility in victory and all those who lose should show grace by accepting the results of the elections instead of casting aspirations about the fairness of the elections.

The president strongly urged for accepting the results of the elections and said only those who lose cast aspirations for their own interest and damage the reputation of Pakistan. He requested all those not to do that and also the media not to play in the hands of such people who are saying that elections would not be fair and free.-SANA

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