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Thursday, June 24, 2021

PPP expresses grave concern over electronic manipulation of forthcoming polls

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Peoples Party has expressed shock over the electronic manipulation of forthcoming polls and warned that it brought into question the sanctity of elections as it rendered vote counting more decisive that vote casting. The party’s Election Commission made a comparative analysis of 2002 and 2007 electoral lists and was shocked to find out the massive decrease in the registered votes and disproportionate increase in over thirty constituencies.

According to the study, huge number of votes simply disappeared in some and huge numbers were added to voters lists in several other constituencies that tilt the ground against the PPP.
Releasing the figures on Sunday, the PPP IT Advisor Tariq Malik said that votes had decreased in five constituencies in (2007 electoral lists) and asked where the eligible voters had vanished.

He said a decrease of 106926 was witnessed in NA-206 Larkana-III, 81745 in NA-225 Badin-II, 66304 in NA-269 Khuzdar, 65004 in NA-154 Lodhran-I and 56618 in NA-155 Lodhran-II.

On the other hand there are 26 constituencies in which approximately 100,000 (per constituency) votes were added. Four in NWFP and Punjab each, 16 in Sindh and 2 in Balochistan saw a sharp increase. These constituencies included NA-1, NA-2, NA-20, NA-21, NA-64, NA-66, NA-149, NA-150, NA-204, NA-219, NA221, NA-226, NA-231, NA-232, NA-233, NA-237, NA-248, NA-249, NA-250, NA-251, NA-253, NA-256, NA-257, NA-258, NA-262 and NA-266. He said that the PPP candidates belonging to these constituencies suspected a lot of duplication in these lists.

Tariq Malik said that the analysis revealed the 5000 bogus votes in Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto’s constituency. They were identified consequent upon the display of draft electronic lists. They were promised to be removed by the concerned officer of the Election Commission at Larkana. However, in the final list recently supplied the very names subsist. ‘Obviously, such votes would be utilized for illegal purposes by the manipulators’ he suspected. Similar reports are coming from Balochistan, Punjab and NWFP, he said.-SANA

He said that the party also found a lot of duplicate votes in some constituencies. NA-1 is reported to have about 16000 duplicates. While running ID Cards and registered votes tests, it was found in some instances there were multiple votes registered against one ID card. In one instance an ID card showed more than 10 votes registered against it.

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