Movement of 1249 containers bound for Afghanistan reconciled

ISLAMABAD: As a result of extensive reconciliation carried out by the Directorate General (Investigation and Intelligence) FBR, on the directive of the Board, movement of 1249 containers bound for Afghanistan has been satisfactorily reconciled. Exercise for 111 consignments is still underway which is likely to be completed soon.

Clarifying press reports, appearing in a section of the Press, under caption: ‘Bid to dig out 1000 missing containers’, the Federal Board of Revenue, said the discrepancy about missing containers emerged on account of the matching of data and changes of nomenclature following switch over from the conventional customs system of data management to the automation introduced in the Custom House Karachi as a part of overall tax reforms. The containers in fact pertained to cargo meant for Afghanistan, transited through Pakistan, and not to cargo destined for upcountry dry ports as allegedly maintained in the news item.

At the same time, interim action has been taken to ensure smooth monitoring of the transit cargo, pending necessary corrective measures within the automated system that will be taken after due study of the entire mechanism including the arrival of the cargo at the final destination in Afghanistan.

In view of the reconciliation and its results, FBR’s delegation for Afghanistan, which was meant to probe into the matter in consultation with Afghan customs, will now be focussing on possible online reconciliation of transit trade data between the customs authorities of the two countries from futuristic point of view. The measure will enable the respective authorities to control and monitor the movement of transit cargo further effectively with the help of automation, consistent with the reforms undertaken by the FBR. The impression that the above referred Press reports purported to give is, therefore, absolutely incorrect and unfounded.-SANA

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