New UK points-based immigration system from summer

ISLAMABAD: Details of Britain’s new Australian-style points-based immigration system have been announced as the British government published the rules for highly skilled foreign workers applying to come to the UK.

According to a press release of the British High Commission issued here on Thursday, the regulations will start coming into force on 29 February when any highly skilled foreign nationals currently working in Britain who want to extend their stay will need to apply under the new system. In April, the new system will begin to be rolled out overseas, starting with India: anyone from India who wants to work in the UK as a highly skilled migrant will then need to apply under the points-based system.

By the summer the new highly skilled system will operate worldwide. A further announcement will be made when the system goes live in Pakistan.The highly skilled tier of the points-based system, known as Tier 1, will build upon the success of the Highly Skilled Migrant Programme by continuing to attract the most talented people with the skills the UK needs to remain a global leader in the fields of finance, business, and technological innovation. The announcement follows the completion in January of the Border and Immigration Agency’s global rollout of fingerprinting for all visas three months early.-SANA

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