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Bird flu reaches Swat

SWAT: Bird flu virus has been detected in Swat. According to details 3,000 chickens out of 4,000 brought from Hyderabad (Sindh) were found dead. Taking timely action, the administration took 1,000 chickens into its control.

A committee of two doctors has been assigned the task of formal inspection of these chickens. Doctors have taken samples from live chicken which have been sent to Islamabad for tests. Remaining chickens have been killed while 220 chickens have been quarantined.

Business of chickens has been severely affected after the death of chickens and fear of bird flu. A loss of Rs 15 million is feared as people have given up the use of chickens. DCO Swat has ordered the immediate ban on bringing of sick chickens in Swat. Livestock and health departments have been issued instructions in this regard.-SANA

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