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Rulers foreign visit cannot improve image of country: Prof Khurshid

ISLAMABAD: Terming the recent European tour of President Pervez Musharraf as a failure, Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan central leader Professor Khurshid Ahmed has said that country was facing crisis of energy, flour and gas and only foreign visits cannot improve image of the country. “The mirror will only reflect your position. In fact, he has distorted the image of Pakistan through his visit. Local and foreign newspapers have not termed the visit successful,” he told a TV channel.

He said that it was the 60th visit of the president during last eight years and it was the most failed visit. “No country made him state guest. Prestige of a nation matters a lot. He should not have paid such a visit. As far as image of the country is concerned, it cannot be repaired through such visits. You have made your army a stooge and you have been making false claims of improvements in economy in past years.”

About the role of the interim setup to hold free and fair elections, Prof. Khurshid Ahmed said that accusations leveled by others against Pakistan have been admitted during the visit by non-less than the president.

“Condoleezza Rice asserted the obsession regarding human rights and democracy is necessary. Every head of state and government asserted this in press. We are waiting for February 18 and Insha Allah their play will be exposed.” He said Musharraf is not a solution to any problem but he himself was a problem.-SANA

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