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Reasons for rising terrorism need to be known: Iqbal Haider

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ISLAMABAD: Former federal minister Syed Iqbal Haider has said that we have to ascertain the reasons as to why the terrorism is on the rise in our country. Speaking to a private TV channel on Thursday, he said the terrorists were the enemies of Pakistani nation and Islam adding that our peaceful citizens were behind the bars and we could not understand the government’s behaviors.

Iqbal Haider said that we had the adequate information about the terrorists. There was a lot of suspicion that whether the rulers were inefficient to tackle the issue or they were intentionally tolerating it. To a question, he said it was a wrong perception that people had not owned this war because it was the people who had been affected by this war as they were migrating in huge numbers from Balochistan, Swat and tribal areas.

He stated that no Pakistani was involved in the 9/11 incident rather Pakistanis died in that incident. It was the Saudis who were involved. There were no two opinions about the owning of this war. “If my security guards were unsafe who would save me,” he asked.

About the caretaker government he said if it was following the appeasement it was surrendering to the extremists. It also showed that the government was not honest in fighting the war against terror. He said he had the proofs, which could prove that the government was not willing to resolve the issue.

He warned that terrorism would increase in the country if the government kept on following the policy of appeasement. To another question, Iqbal Haider said the government signed agreements with the Taliban and promised implementation of so called Shariah in Swat and used Fazlullah in the Lal Masjid issue. He asked as to what was the supply line of these terrorists, as they could not find rockets launchers and Kalashinkov in Bara.-SANA

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