Election 2008

Polls pre-rigged: Shamsul Hassan

ISLAMABAD: A key Bhutto aide and former Pakistan High Commissioner to the UK, Wajid Shamsul Hasan has asserted that the elections have already been pre rigged. In an interview with a foreign radio, he accused the government of providing PML (Q) candidates with stamped voting ballots prior to the election twenty five thousand each where the constituencies are found weak.

“So what they have done is that they have provided the candidates twenty five thousand stamped papers and they will be filled at the time of the elections,” he alleged. Referring to Musharraf assertions in the World Economic Forum at Davos, he said one you can’t just blame Musharraf for the rigging because he does not know what the elections are.

“He does not know what the popular vote is. He does not know what democracy means because he said Pakistan is a democracy. But he said we should not be obsesses with the human rights here. In all these things he says, you know he is a deliberate liar,” he observed.

Rejecting the government tall claims of flourishing growth, and significant social and economic improvements, he said this is just a pudding and eating it. “But suicides attacks have increased, two to three hundreds thousand skilled, semi skilled people get unemployed every day. There are no jobs. There is no proper education or health care in the country.”-SANA

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