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Police probe Glasgow bride’s death in Pakistan

LAHORE: Police are investigating the death of a British Muslim woman in Lahore, weeks after she married in secret. Sobia Wali, 22, from Glasgow, died, reportedly from food poisoning or a virus, after travelling with relatives to Pakistan to attend her grandmother’s funeral. It was reported yesterday that the call centre worker married her long-term boyfriend, a shop worker before the trip, and that she was five months pregnant.

A friend of the couple said that Miss Wali and Usman Gulzar, 24, married in secret four weeks ago. Her family were said to have disapproved of the marriage, and to have been upset by her pregnancy. Detectives in Glasgow have taken statements from the couple’s friends and family, and police in Lahore are also looking into the case.

Her husband allegedly received a text message from her in Lahore asking for help. Mr Gulzar was too upset last night to talk about the death. There was a lone policeman outside the entrance to his tenement flat in Glasgow. A neighbour said: “Sobia was such a nice girl and we got on really well. I was friends with Usman first and then I met Sobia. They were so in love and it made me pleased to see my friend so happy.

“He had told me in confidence that Sobia was pregnant, but she never said anything to me at all about it and I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable so I didn’t ask. “I received a text from another friend saying that she had apparently died from food poisoning. I cried the full day I found out, for her and for him. It is all so awful.”

A friend of the couple told a newspaper that they were married in front of two witnesses at Glasgow Register Office on Dec 27. The friend added: “Sobia and Usman had been seeing each other for ages but both families disapproved of the relationship. “They are both well-known on the south side of Glasgow. “She had been planning setting up a new life with Usman.”

The source said that she did not want to travel to Pakistan but went because it was a family funeral. He added that reports from Lahore suggested she had died from food poisoning or a virus. A police spokesman said that Strathclyde Police were carrying out an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of a 22-year-old woman in Lahore, Pakistan, on Thursday, Jan 24.-SANA

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