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PPP asset of all political workers: Sherpao

ISLAMABAD: Chairman of his own faction of the Peoples Party and former Interior Minster Aftab Sherpao has said that Benazir Bhutto was a political leader of international fame and her killing will affect Pakistani politics a lot. In an interview with the private channel, he said time will prove how the PPP’s leadership behaves and acts before and after the general elections as the entire nation has fixed its eyes on the current leadership of the PPP.

“PPP is an asset of all political workers and leaders even those who have left it now. PPP will definitely affect even when an ordinary worker quits the party, said and added that a large number of voters will not come to vote. “In last days of our government, I said on record that it is very difficult to hold elections in the situation emerged after series of terrorist attacks in different areas of the country. The terrorism will affect the electioneering and polling process in NWFP. Terrorists want to disrupt the electoral process. The people are feared and skeptical about the elections in the prevailing situation,” he said.

About involvement of Al-Qaida in her murder, he said there is common nexus among all terrorist activities occurred in North and South Waziristan, and in Swat. All local and foreign Taliban or Al-Qaeda activists have same mission. However, there are differences among terrorists in South Waziristan where Wazir tribes fought war under the leadership of Maulvi Nazir against Uzbeks and other foreigners and asked them to leave the area. But all Al-Qaeda and Taliban members whether they are local or foreigners, are supporting insurgency in Afghanistan and they are united.

“Until the Afghanistan’s issue is resolved, the fallouts of insurgency in Afghanistan will cast impacts on Pakistani tribal areas. After military operation in tribal areas, the militants have sought refuge in settled areas of NWFP. They have formed a Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan as a force and operating under one leadership, he added. To a question about role of jirga in Pashtoon dominated areas, Sherpao said the government used force as well as jirgas to handle the issues.

“But in the prevailing situation, any jirga will not prove effective. In my personal opinion, let us wait for new government, and its should create consensus with other parties to review policies to resolve the issue. However, use of forces is not solution to the problem; rather dialogue is necessary to find out the solution. There is need to administrative reforms in tribal areas and restore the influence of tribal elders so that they may be used to improve the situation. The government should work on both long and short term strategies simultaneously to bring the desired results.”-SANA

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