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Musharraf sees stable, moderate govt. after Feb 18 polls

LONDON: President Pervez Musharraf has expressed the confidence that a stable, moderate and honest government will come into power, as a result of February 18 elections. Addressing the Pakistani Community here on Saturday, he said he will keep Pakistan’s interest high in all circumstances and be prepared to extend his cooperation to all parties to achieve the desired results.He said in case, a single party would not be able to form a government, a coalition government could come into power. He said he will be prepared to facilitate the process of forming the future government.

He dismissed the impression that there will be any clash between the authority of the president and the prime minister following February 18 general elections. The constitution and the law are very clear to this effect, and both organs of the state could perform their responsibilities independently, keeping the national interest supreme, he added.

Musharraf totally rejected allegations of rigging. He said those who are talking about unfairness in the elections, are doing it for their political motives. He also ruled out the possibility of further delaying the general elections and said these are going to take place on the scheduled date. He warned that politics of agitation will not be allowed at any cost. He said the country cannot afford a state of anarchy and chaos. He said it is the duty of all political parties to avoid confrontation.

He hoped that decency will prevail and the political parties would adopt forward looking approach in strengthening the democratic process. About the recent atta crisis in the country, he said it was a result of smuggling and hoarding. There was nothing wrong at the level of his government in policy making. He deplored that vested interests tried to play it up for political gains.

The President highlighted the circumstances that led to imposition of emergency and the government’s decision in sending a reference to Supreme judicial Council (SJC) for taking stock of the charges leveled against him. He said extraordinary situation demanded extraordinary steps and he was left with no option but to impose emergency that was however lifted after 46 days.

The President warned that politics of agitation will not be allowed at any cost. The country, he said, cannot afford a state of anarchy and chaos. It was a duty of all the political parties to avoid confrontation leading the country towards lawlessness, he added.-SANA

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