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Workshop on monitoring, prediction and mitigation of landslide hazards

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ISLAMABAD: Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in collaboration with National Highway Authority (NHA) and Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) will hold a two-day workshop on Monitoring, Prediction and Mitigation of Landslide Hazards at Auditorium of NHA, Islamabad, from 28~29 Jan, 2008.

Numerous landslides, which mostly became active after the earthquake of October 2005, have posed considerable hazards to the people, their mobility and property. Risk reduction of landslides is an urgent need for the reconstruction of the severely damaged area.

In Pakistan, road maintenance works to safeguard against landslides have been carried out on a routine or a periodic basis and the knowledge of slope protection techniques has been accumulated accordingly. However, there was no manual or standards for slope inspections.

Insufficient measure against a landslide due to the lack of necessary field data causes frequent landslides, which consequently impose financial strain on road maintenance. For risk reduction of landslides, it is therefore essential to develop slope inspection works based on geotechnical knowledge.

Based on the perspective, the workshop titled “Monitoring, Prediction and Mitigation of Landslide Hazards” will be held to provide an assistance of capacity building of slope inspection for the staff in charge of road maintenance works in NHA.-SANA

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