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Sugarcane varieties damaged due to sever cold

DARYA KHAN: The severe cold had badly affected the sugarcane varieties spread on hundreds acres of land here. A local sugar mills has stopped the purchase of sugarcane. The farmers are worried and they are expecting loss of millions of rupees.

According to details, the severe cold weather has damaged a number of varieties of sugarcane and their colour had turned into red. The local sugar mills is imposing 25 per cent cut on the price of the sugarcane. However, after the protest by the farmers, the mills has stopped the purchase of the sugarcane. This has spread unrest among the farmers. The Farmers Association Darya Khan has demanded that purchase of the sugarcane should not be stopped so that they are saved from loss of millions of rupees.-SANA

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times

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