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Friday, June 25, 2021

Govt. mum over Israel’s monitoring of Pak defence, nuke installation: Qazi

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MANSOORA: President Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal and Ameer Jamaat-e-Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed, while referring the recent launching of the Israeli spy satellite by India, has said that it was aimed to monitor Pakistan and Iran and to focus on our nuclear assets, Army movement and military installations. Addressing here during the Friday prayer sermon, he pointed out that Indian Israel cooperation is posing a new threat to Pakistan’s security. He said that the Iranian government protested on the satellite launch while quite regrettably the government of Pakistan was mere a spectator regarding the issue.

Qazi said that the Pakistan Army is being used in Swat, Bajour, Waziristan and Balochistan to serve and protect the American interests. He said that thousands of people have left their homes and have taken refuge in the open fields in this biting cold weather due to the ongoing military operation in these areas.

He demanded that government should immediately stop operation in these areas. “Instead of fighting with its own nation, government should change its policy as peace cannot be achieved through military power in these regions,” he added. He said that Musharraf went to the Europe with a message that he (Musharraf) could serve their interests more efficiently than a democratic setup could do.”

The JI Amir said that the Pakistan Army should conceive such policies which can protect the country’s interests and well being of the Muslims and that it should take a stance before the US and the West. He said that this very unfortunate that the country is in the grip of those who are groomed by imperialism. “Values of the civil and military bureaucracy are the same which they inherited from the Great Britain to divide and rule,” he added.

“Bureaucracy and administration pull the strings whether there are sectarian clashes or linguistic riots,” he accused. He said that first groups and rivalries are created and then the Indian penetrate into these groupings.Qazi said that lawlessness and suicide bombing are reactions to these policies. He feared more bloodshed if the government does not change its polices.-SANA

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