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US preparing for action on Pak soil: Prof Khursheed

ISLAMABAD: Naib Ameer of Jamat-i-Islami Pakistan Prof Khursheed Ahmed has criticised statements from the US presidential candidates, White House spokesmen and media aiming at targeting Pakistan in a continuous and planned manner. In a statement here on Saturday, he said that these statements were aimed at paving way for any action on the Pakistani soil. He said that it was due the poor and apologetic policies of Pervez Musharraf that the US warlords were able to make such moves. He said today the Americans were giving open threats to Pakistan which was certainly an attack on our sovereignty and honour.

Prof Khursheed stressed that the nation should stand up to safeguard its independence and nuclear assets. He, however, lamented that it did not seem possible because Pervez Musharraf was cling to the power. He said that the nation had only one way left out that an interim government should be set up with national reconciliation to hold fair and transparent elections. Elections under the current regime, he said, would not be acceptable to the nation as well as to the whole world.

The JI leader said that establishment of true democracy and restoration of constitution and judiciary to its prior position of November 2 could only ensure the country’s integrity.-SANA

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