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Friday, June 25, 2021

Zardari vs Fatima

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What vacuum Ms Bhutto’s absence has created; is being felt since her son occupied the chair of PPP head. Almost every National and International newspaper or TV channel has covered this issue in varying manners, few has favored Bilawal’s chairperson-ship and obviously few have criticized. Demise of Ms Bhutto is an irrevocable loss, and it is felt that legacy of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s mission to make Pakistan democratic and prosperous country, she carried and fought against the dictatorship through out her life would not be achieved, Though the Pakistan Peoples Party few days back announced the 19 years old Bilawal Bhutto Zardari as the party Chairman but the political circles and analysts are of the view that to keep the party united and cope with present challenges, it was actually the Bhutto family itself that could lead the PPP more properly and rigorously and could accomplish Bhutto’s mission of prosperous and democratic Pakistan.

The head of Bhutto clan and founding member of the Pakistan peoples Party Mumtaz Bhutto first cousin of the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto has also rejected the appointment of Benazir Bhutto’s husband and her son to lead the party, he predicted party would be splited with this move . His comments in a meeting are about to reopen the Pakistan’s popular dynasty Bhutto’s deepest rifts from the day Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto was executed.

He was of the view that Bhutto family has reared up the democratic values in its lap and sacrifices by them to attain this goal are part of recent history and no else deserve better than the Bhutto family to lead the PPP therefore her widower Asif Ali Zardari is totally irrelevant to PPP chairperson-ship. To me, like so many in Pakistan appeals logically but one of the salient features of Party’s manifesto is to make Pakistan democratic and get it free from the dictatorship, the roots of the Pakistan itself should be democratic. Mumtaz, 74 a long time critic of Benzair lives in Sindh says, “The party has come into existence on the name and blood of the Bhutto family, while Zardari have made no sacrifices for the party and he just profited from it”.

Who is best choice to lead party while a uniting force is missing not only within PPP but in Pakistan also. Fatima and Bilawal were standing in a clear juxtaposition to hold this seat along with the Sanam Bhutto sister of the Benazir Bhutto as she has never been active in politics and remained disassociated from the politics. According to Mumtaz Bhutto the political heir of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is either Sanam or Murtaza’s daughter or son.

Interestingly according to a survey conducted by a private TV channel 76 per cent favor appointment of Bilawal as new chairman of PPP, majority of the people in the country expressed satisfaction over appointment of new successor of the party” Survey says. It further suggests people from various walks of life said that after sacrifice of Benazir Bhutto it was right of her son to succeed her.However Twenty four per cent voted against Bilalwal being appointed as the new chairman of PPP and said that he lacks political maturity and he cannot run the biggest party of the country as yet. His symbolic chairperson-ship is a question on the party’s democratic manifesto.

The dilemma with the politics of Pakistan is its hierarchal character, though being practiced all over the world, Bush after Bush, Clinton after Clinton and Bhutto after Bhutto. The sacrifices of Bhutto family are not easily forgettable but the integrity and solidarity of Pakistan is far ahead. Attention seeking question is who can be in better position to rein the party in a manner which Bhutto recommended to run Pakistan if PPP attains power.

fatimabhutto.jpg Ms Fatima Bhutto and Bilawal would have been two deserving candidates for the Bhutto’s legacy as both are the grand children of the late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Their potentials and capabilities are being judged and determined on the basis of services their parents more appropriately Bhutto’s children rendered towards the party by political pundits. Bigger the service reverent the position, an idealist’s statement. Both Benazir ans Murtaza were shot dead, Murtaza in 1996 and she in 2007. But Benazir enjoyed the premiership of Pakistan twice while Mir Murtaza Bhutto’s Sheed Bhutto group could not comprehend any majority to form government.

However for an idealistic Jayla worker the sacrifices of the Benazir are far ahead than the personal traits of both of these children. She has been denoted as the last hope for federation of Pakistan by national and International media. Response over her death has proved she enjoyed a great bank of votes and a reputation thus it was difficult to grapple with the law and order situation in country after the sudden and tragic demise of Ms Bhutto, its ripple effect could have not been stooped if an appropriate decision was not taken in time to keep people quite who have the strong affiliation with Pakistan People’s party ideologically or idealistically or in inheritance. Before castigate Bilawal’s appointment as chairperson it is important to understand what was the demand of time. Had Fatima been nominated by the senior party leadership as chairperson of PPP, it would have impossible to stop the reaction of PPP workers, for them the wound of Benazir, a beloved daughter of Zulfiqar Bhutto, is still bleeding. and i suspect it would keep on bleeding till the party foundation is not set on strong leadership.

Political pundits are deriving the comparisons between Zardari and Mir Murtaza Bhutto by calling Zardari corrupt and Murtaza clean. Considering that party should be given in hands of some family member to keep it alive. i speculate had Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto nominated his son Mir Murtaza Bhutto to lead PPP? If No how political pundits aspire to give the possession of party to not an alien figure though even not acceptable at this time. As Bilawal is a symbolic figure for at least coming five to six years, Fatima or Zardari. Tthis is the actual comparison where Fatima stands with several winning characteristics including her complete command over the socio-political arena of National and International Politics, her abilities are even clearer by the statements of few who denote her as Benazir Junior, but she maintains that she had disagreements with Benazir Bhutto in her political strategies and gimmicks., i inquire would she be able to maintain the mission of her grand father of democratic Pakistan while she has shown her intentions of getting revenge of her father. On other hand Zaradari is the most controversial man in history of PPP and charged with Mr. 10 % or whatever. Zardari ‘s reputation is questionable and politics critics can not forget the corruption he was charged for. Zardari has been imprisoned for several years, he could never have won the sympathies of the people of Pakistan as he was famous for his percentage share and taking benefits out of his wife’s position. However Benazir nominated him for the party leadership, he withdrew his chairmanship in favor of his son and announced to participate in election. Both are his clear political moves proving him clever and smart politician. However it is yet to discover to what extent he is the man of establishment. I believe there are conflicts in PPP itself on the co-chairpersonship of Zardari as few of the leadership find him with low political caliber, and PPP has conflicts over his chairperson ship though the spokesperson of PPP Farhat Ullah Babr has not given the weight to the MUmtaz Bhutto’s comment over the dynasty of PPP.

Despite the fact that party came in existence in the name of democratic values but it itself lack the democratic norms. If PPP has to survive, it is advisable to shift its leadership to a more deserving rather capable person e.g Advocate Aitzaz Ahasan or any other founding member of Pakistan Peoples Party like Hafeez Peerzada. There are many of the belief that rifts in Pakistan people’s party would be opening in near future. Zaradri is not being approved as co-chairperson by the majority, the conspiracy theories have started capturing the socio-political milieu in Pakistan that he is behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto, as to he was the person who could have been actual beneficiary of her death. It is also believed that founding leadership would come forward and cling to Fatima Bhutto soon to remove Asif Ali Zardari from the chair in coming few years.

people can be of differing views to this opinion of including the children of Benazir Bhutto and Mir Murtaza Bhutto in Central Working Committee, handing over the chair to some seasoned politician who is sincere to country and party also. The time of individual politics is diminishing in Pakistan, youth demands more and more democratic leadership and those who could understand their problems.

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Rubab Saleemhttp://www.rubabsaleem.com
Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. I dont understand one thing that if PPP is after name, as they have shown and proved after Benazir’s death, their sudden appointment of Bilawal Zardari as PPP chariman was shock for all world. Then why dont they go for Fatima. Who is real of Bhutto while Bilawal is real blood of Hakim Ali Zardari. Changing his surname will not make him Bhutto. He is son of Zardari and will remain son of Zardari while Fatima is daughter of Bhutto family and will remain daughter of Bhutto family.

    I am fan of Fatima. She seems to be ambitious, polite, hardworking, focused, skilled, devoted and committed person. She has already proved to us that she has many skills to be PPP chairperson. She is already in politics. while Bilawal needs to spend years in Oxford to learn what politics is. She is mature lady and have very pleasant personality. While Bilawal is a still school boy.

    Pakistan recent judiciary crisis made Pakistan more interesting in world news. Therefore people throughout the world focused on every event in Pakistan. When Bilawal was appointed as PPP chairman, people from other countries were laughing on us that what sort of a country it is. where 19 year guy is appointed as chairman of the biggest political party of the country. Surely Bilawal’s appointment made people laugh on us and our system of political monarchy……..thanks to Asif Zardari and thanks to fake will of Benazir…..

    I want to appeal workers of PPP to support Fatima Bhutto. leave these corrupt family of Zardaris on side and come and join us to support Fatima Bhutto. Fatima’s family has already suffered many times …..this is the right time for us to support her.

    Let the emotionsof Benazir’s death subside and people and PPP worker will realise and InshAllah everyone will come to Fatima Bhutto.

    Fight for your right …..You are one the one who need to be the chairperson of PPP…we are with you.

    Syed Habib Orakzai
    President Shamla Forum London

  2. Dear Readers
    I don’t blame her doubts has plenty grounds and once again I couln’t agree more.
    ((Fatima Bhutto, niece of the slain former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, said in comments published yesterday that she would continue to pursue her aunt’s widower, Asif Ali Zardari, whom she accuses of involvement in her father’s death. Fatima’s father – Benazir’s brother, Murtaza – was killed in 1996 in an ambush that Fatima blames on both Benazir and Zardari who is now the head of the ruling Pakistan People’s Party (PPP). “We are currently waiting for Zardari’s acquittal judgment. But I am not going to give up this struggle. I am not going to sit down quietly. This is about justice. I will continue to do all I can to stand between Zardari and a clean record,” Fatima told The Sunday Times in an interview.)) I only felt to write this family has connection with Saurastra (Junnaghadha)India.

    Please convey my message to Fatima.

  3. she needs to join the main stream politics.. it is high time for he.. when Zardari’s idiotic political moves have proved that he is not interested in making Pakistan democratic country; rather to follow the legacy of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto he is advancing Musharraf’s agenda.. Fatima should come in mainstream politics..


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