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HR activist seeks two years delay in polls

ISLAMABAD: Chairman of Human Rights International (HRI) Syed Anwar Aleemi Advocate, in a letter to President of Pakistan General Pervaiz Musharraf, has demanded the postponement of the general election for a period of two years at least. He argued that the existing political state of turmoil and turbulence in all over the country does not allow the holding of general elections in any part of the country and can not be held peacefully in any manner even on the extended date of February 18, 2008.

In his letter, issued here to the media on Wednesday, he demanded that an impartial national government during this period should be established to create unity among the nation and to take all necessary actions to stabilize the economy, social and political conditions of the country for holding free, fair and transparent elections in the country.

He said that the proposed impartial national government should be comprised of scientists, intellectuals, economists, sociologists, human right activists and patriotic citizens to work for the best interests of the security and well-being of the country and nation. He voiced concern over the prevailing political, economic, social and law and order situation which according to him did not permit the general elections to be held on the rescheduled date next month. He said that election for the sake of elections could not bring positive results in this helm of affairs.

Aleemi said that the government of Pakistan should not leave any stone unturned to eliminate these anti-social elements. He also suggested that all the political parties, who intend to participate in the upcoming polls, be made legally bound to hold elections first in their respective political parties so that a true culture of democracy is promoted in the country.-SANA

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