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PPP Kashmir launches Bhutto Memorial Trust

SRINAGAR: People’s Political Party (PPP) launched a foundation named Bhutto Memorial Trust in the memory of Benazir Bhutto and her father Zulfikar Ali Bhutto here today announcing the formation of the trust in presence of a large media turnout. Addressing the media, PPP Chairman Hilal Ahmed War paid glowing tributes to Late Benazir Bhutto and expressed his “deepest grief” over the “tragic” assassination of the former Pakistan Prime Minister. “I’m shocked and when I heard about it I felt as if a wall of bricks had fallen on me” said a sombre looking War. Facing a barrage of questions regarding Benazir’s role vis-à-vis Kashmir issue, War said, “An overwhelming majority of the people of Pre-47 J & K State have received the news of the brutal death of Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto with extreme grief and anguish. The People of Kashmir can not forget the pro-Islamic, Pro-democratic and pro-Kashmir role of the Bhutto family.” War added that Late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto continues to live in the hearts of J & K people as an inspiring force and “so will his daughter Shaheed Benazir Bhutto.”

Lashing out venomously at America and its policies, War said that creation of Pakistan on 14th August1947 laid the foundation for Pan Islamism to be followed by creation of Nuclear Islamic Bloc, a “bitter Pill” which according to him the Americans had to swallow to contain Sino-Russian Communist onslaught by exploiting the religious sentiments of Islamic Countries against the irreligious and materialistic philosophy of Communism. “The objective was to use Islamic World against the expansion of Communist ideology and global strategic ambition of Communist Bloc.

The American Bloc indirectly succeeded in destroying Soviet Russia by using Islamic Countries led by Pakistan during the Afghan uprising against Soviet Russian occupation. The Afghan adventure drained the resources of Soviet Russia strengthening the US further and helping it achieve a considerable amount of success, so far as its global game plan is concerned” Warning the whole world of the American “expansionist policies”, War said that the American foreign policy includes some deadly strategies and tactics that Europe and the rest of the world will have to consider and counter.

“For quite some time now, America is religiously but smartly executing a lethal plan of grabbing the entire world economically, militarily and in all possible forms. The plan includes crippling present Russia militarily and economically through different methods. The programme of establishing Missile Defense System in Central Europe is one of the American methods of doing so” said War expressing deep anguish. He added alarmingly “The US wants to encircle China as much as it could by creating satellite countries which could at any time be used for stationing American Defense Forces with latest weapons on one pretext or the other. America wants to see the closure of Trade Entry of China to various Asian countries including Pakistan, in order to give a terrible setback to China’s economic growth”

Requesting the Muslim countries to wake up to the realities and understand the American gameplan, War said “Muslims must understand the diabolical plans of the United States. It is on top of the American global agenda to discourage resourceful Islamic Countries from thinking of achieving Nuclear Technology and that is why it is hell bent upon destabilizing Pakistan. America actually wants to take control of Pakistan’s nuclear installations in a dramatic manner on the excuse of preventing the nuclear assets to go into the hands of so called terrorists”

Responding to a query about Benazir’s close proximity with Indian leadership and her admission on NDTV that she played a role in curbing Punjab militancy, War said, “I don’t see anything wrong in that. You have to be close to your neghbours and so far as helping to curb Punjab militancy is concerned, I think Pakistan at that time under her leadership wanted to concentrate on Kashmir”

A local journalist alluded to the general perception in Pakistan and Kashmir that Benazir was never serious about Kashmir and that she always compromised on Kashmir with India. The journo also referred to the recent statement by Brijesh Mishra (on NDTV) that Benazir had emailed him and asked if he could meet her in Dubai days before her assassination. “These things should not be misread” said the PPP Chairman. He added “There are certain things that are done under political expediency and as part of a strategy. When you have to fight against all odds, you have to keep people in good humour and be in touch with the bigwigs in your neighbourhood and elsewhere”-SANA

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