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Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Benazir Killed At Behest of CIA: Kashmiri Leader

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SRINAGAR: A Kashmiri leader has alleged that former premier of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto was killed at the behest of American intelligence agency, CIA. Addressing media here, People’s Political Party chairman, Hilal Ahmad War said that Benazir Bhutto and her father, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto vehemently opposed American policy of making Pakistan a satellite state for its future plans.”First it (America) engineered the killing of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and now its intelligence agency, CIA got Benazir Bhutto eliminated”, he said.

The Kashmiri leader said that assassination of Benazir Bhutto was part of the ploy to create instability in Pakistan. “This type of condition is created in that country to justify the take-over of nuclear weapons of Pakistan by United states”, he said.He asked the Pakistani people and leaders to rise to the occasion and defeat such nefarious designs of an enemy of the country.The Kashmiri leader also announced to set up a trust in memory of slain Benazir Bhutto and her father, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. “The trust will be set up shortly and start working accordingly”, he said, adding, “The objectives of the trust would be formulated later”.-SANA

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Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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  1. People continue to speculate as to who carries the responsibility of assasinating Benazir Bhutto. But the only question which comes to my mind is “Why did she pop her head out of the SUV’s sun roof”? She was a very intelligent woman and was aware of the threats to her life. Adding to the consiparcy theories, was there someone inside the SUV who encouraged her to get up and wave to the crowd…. someone who knew that there was a gunman waiting.

  2. Commando Dictator Double Crossed Benazir

    Musharraf said that Benazir was herself responsible for her death ! “Why did she pop her head out”… Amazing… It is tantamount to say… why did you come out on the street ? Why not stay at home ? Better still… why did you come to Pakistan ! He has been asking her NOT TO COME to Pakistan for months… and yet she came… so Musharraf taught her a lesson… (courtesy some sharp-shooter who used a laser-gun… and killed Benazir Bhutto… of course, ISI provided all the logistic support… enacted the drama.. assasinated Benazir… and after doing the dirty job., tried to deny her the title of the Martyr too… Even in death, they were jealous of her stature ! They tried to turn her martyrdom into a “fall”., and accidental death !)

    Benazir’s dying declaration mentiones 4 names. But who will bell the cat ? There is no law in Pakistan. Pakistan is run by a mafia. Her killers will never be caught.. YET.. every common man knows who these people are.

    Bottom-line : Due to all of this, Pakistan will dis-integrate. This will not stop till Pakistan crumbles under the weight of hatred and intolerance.

    Benazir tried to put a full-stop., atleast a comma., on the train of hatred and violence that was leading Pakistan towards destruction.

    She was stopped in the way… cuz destruction of Pakistan is the eventual goal… and that will happen now.

    I see Pakistan crumbling in the next few years. Probably by 2020. Sindhu Desh will become a Secular Republic. Balochistan would become one. NWFP may be Pakhtoon-Kha., or join the Pakhtuns in Afghanistan. What remains of Pakistan would be just land-locked Punjabistan.

  3. On 911 the yanks bastards aided by mossad killed 3000 of their own people, sent anthrax to the senators/congessmen they hated, and the side of pentagon where they lodged their opponents in the pentagon.

    Zia was killed by CIA along with the American Ambassador to hide the mastermind.

    Kennedy was killed by the yank elite bastards itself.

    Lincoln was similarly killed by the yank bastards.

    The real terrorism is the european and yank terror against their own.

    The zionists conspired with hitler to kill their own jews. there is an extensive free book on the internet on this subject by Rabbi Moshe Weismandel.

    Moshe Katsa, the Iranian zionist jew president of Israel himself led the rape of numerous jewish girls.

    American Marines rape their own WASP women.

    Reagon and Herbert Bush are pedophiles who molested white american innocent kids.

    GWBush had a number of affairs with blonde white women.


    Taliban would not be motivated to kill Benazir.

    Musharraf is their bigger enemy who assisted the americans against
    them with tremendous logistical support.

    Her brother was killed in Karachi by the MQM. They are the most callous, irreligious, and secular hardened killers, with no compassion just like Musharraf. For example, who killed the registrar of the supreme court, Hamid Raza execution style ?

    They are bonded to Musharraf by the Mohajir blood.

    Musharraf is a stooge of America. His ONLY son in there and so are his brothers. He trusts them. He is being tutored personally by Negroponte. CIA provides free consulting to him and Negroponte personally tutors him. Ponte went there to tutor Musharraf on how to handle the JUDICIARY in a machiavellian fashion, by inflicting a mortal disabling wound , and that is exactly what Mush did.

    The zionists and hindu are quietly watching because Mush and MQM is doing their job and you maintain pin-drop silence when your enemy is destroying itself.

    According to the brainy NEOCONS, from the Ashkenazi or KHAZAR tribe of Central Asia, the wise and learned authors of the protocols of the learned elders of zion, the loyal servants of the King and Banker Rothschild, one of whom Mikhail Khodorkovsky who looted the biggest of Russian oil and was nabbed like a rat by Honorable Vladimir Putin of Motherland Russia and the Fatherland, and also the master conspirators
    of the Russian revolution and the establishment of the state of Israel (An Illustrious Resume of ACHIEVEMENTS):

    This is the way to handle an islamic nuclear country by making it crumble from inside by putting a militant minority of biharis (who were the back-stabbers to their very neighbors and muslim brothers, the bengalis in 1971 on the basis of language and ethnicity) like the Kallu Mush, on top of the majority in the country. Being cornered, they will heartily and mightily fight and destroy each other with wanton and abandon.

    Being cornered, they will heartily and mightily fight and destroy each other with wanton and abandon, AND MAKE NO MISTAKE, SRI-LANKA is a proven case of SAVAGE TAMIL HINDU TERROR trained by none other than the Israeli Mossad and the Indian RAW. Biharis are BECOMING temperamentally very much like that.

    We must stop the transmogrification of the Biharis by reaching out to them by love and dialogue. Only that could work.

    Musharraf and MQM believes that it is their historic opportunity
    to setup a Mohajir Caliphate – forever.

    The goal of CIA, Mossad, RAW is to create Tamil-Sinhalese
    intensity and style hatred in Pakistan, and MQM is the perfect tool. We must guard against it and resuscitate a hero like Dr A.Q.Khan to serve as the bridge. It will kill many birds with one stone.

    It will kill many birds with one stone.

    It will kill many birds with one stone.

    Musharraf and MQM dream has no feasibility, but their belief in it will indeed make the CIA/Mossad/RAW plan not only feasible but successful.


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