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Kashmiri currency after self-rule: Karra

SRINAGAR: Stating that Kashmir has been fighting hard for its identity for more than last five hundred years, State Finance Minister Tariq Hamid Karra said that the idea of self-rule will empower Kashmir with its own currency.Asked by reporters at the J&K Bank’s calendar launch Monday, that when will Kashmir have its own currency, Karra replied, “Self-rule will enable the State to have its own currency and reviving it will be road-map for coming generation and this will help Kashmir to have its own identity for which it has struggled hard over the last five hundred years.”

Karra sounded optimistic about the revival of Kashmiri currency and coins that were on display at the venue which the bank has planned to showcase in its calendar next year.He said that these coins which date back to the 14th century certify the fact that Kashmir used to have its own currency in the past.“These coins are somehow in correlation with the ideology of our party which is based on self-reliance and self rule.“The coins on one side depict that Kashmir in its earlier times had its own economy for which we are striving even today for many reasons and on the other these depict that Kashmir had a unique cultural identity which as a nation we have been fighting for ages now,” said Karra.

This year’s J&K Bank’s calendar has a theme of Kashmir everywhere – a break from the tradition as earlier its calenders would showcase pilgrimage destinations, landscapes and cultural diversity.While speaking about the calendar which was released today he said, “The calendar is altogether different from the earlier one`s which would depict tourist resorts, pilgrimage destinations and landscapes of the region but this effort of J&K bank is an endeavour to take us back to our roots and culture and history is witness to the fact that a nation which is not aware of its roots and culture struggles for its existence as we are struggling today.” Karra further said that the schemes and policies launched by the bank have a grass root traction and promoting a particular art and handicraft is a service to the entrepreneurs and other craftsman of the nation.-SANA

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