Bush Administration sends Bhutto to her death in Pakistan

WASHINGTON: Washington Administration sent former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto back home to her death by ignoring real threat to her life in Pakistan.The Bush Administration “condemned former Pakistan Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to death” by ignoring warnings from that she would “almost certainly be assassinated” if she returned to her country, reported Capitol Hill Blue while quoting intelligence sources.

According to the report, an assessment prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency said Bhutto would not be safe if she returned to Pakistan but the Bush White House ignored the warning and dispatched Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to London to persuade Bhutto to go home and seek political office. “If the former Prime Minister were to return to Pakistan, she would almost certainly be assassinated,” said the CIA assessment, prepared by agency operatives on the ground in Pakistan.

“The Bush Administration murdered Benazir Bhutto by convincing her to return to Pakistan,” the report said while quoting unnamed former CIA operative. The report further said that Rice promised Bhutto that CIA assets would be dispatched to Pakistan to provide protection to the former Prime Minister but the assets were never sent and were not present when suicide attackers carried out the assassination last Thursday.“They took a chance with the life of a foreign national,” the CIA operative said and added that “They gambled and they lost. She never stood a chance of surviving.”

The report further hit hard on Washington Administration as saying that some in the intelligence community believe the Bush Administration welcomed the assassination because it give the US a chance to point another finger of blame at al-Qaeda at a time when interest in Bush’s war on terrorism is fading.-SANA

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