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Memon takes exception to statements about alleged rigging

ISLAMABAD: Federal Caretaker Information Minister, Senator Nisar A. Memon has taken exception to the statements of some political leaders about alleged rigging in the January 8 elections. In a statement here on Tuesday, he said the caretaker government believes that the political parties and the contesting candidates should all work together to create a conducive atmosphere for the holding of free, fair and transparent elections in the country.

He said the government would welcome suggestions from the political parties and any thing that is contrary to code of conduct issued by the Election Commission. Referring to the apprehension of pre-poll rigging by some political leaders, Memon regretted that the unfortunate culture of questioning electoral process has become a custom in our country by reflecting on the national institutions. Even those political leaders who have been in the government in the past have been questioning the fairness of election before the polls, he said.

The minister said, “It will be appreciated if evidence is provided to the government about the authority or the officials allegedly involved in subverting the caretaker government’s commitment to hold free, fair and transparent elections. Mere hurling of accusations would serve no purpose”. It is imperative in the interest of the country that political leaders rise above their political interests and refrain from vitiating the congenial atmosphere as free and fair elections on January 8 will advance the national goal of a moderate, democratic and progressive Pakistan, he added.

The election process, he said, has generated interest in the common man to change his or her destiny but the smear campaign against the electoral process may confuse the common man. He said that it is high time the political leaders uphold moral standards of truth and guide the electorate to enthusiastically come out and vote for their choice on January 8.-SANA

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