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Salahuddin ready to support Irish-type solution for Kashmir

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SRINAGAR: Chairman of the United Jehad Council (UJC) and supreme commander of Hizbul Mujahideen, Syed Salahuddin has said that Mujahideen leadership is ready to support the Irish peace model as a first step towards the solution of Kashmir issue, provided Government of India accepts the disputed status of Kashmir issue. In an interview to a local news agency Current News Service (CNS), he said, “The Kashmir issue is unresolved for last 60 years. Government of India must accept the disputed status of Kashmir issue. In that case we are ready to support the Irish peace model as the first step towards the solution. The other related steps must follow in a phased manner.”

He out rightly rejected the four point formula of Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf saying it has created doubts in the minds of people since the formula has not been explained. “Different parties and people are differently interpreting the formula. Mehbooba Mufti is interpreting it according to her own interests and same is the case with other parties,” the UJC chairman said.

Describing the Indo-Pak talks on Kashmir as a futile exercise, he stated that Musharraf was expecting a breakthrough from the dialogue. “We had already predicted that the talks are not going to yield any results. Implementation of UN resolution is the only solution of Kashmir issue and all other activities in this regard are neither a solution nor acceptable to people,” Salahuddin said.

Stating that Kashmiris are the basic party to Kashmir dispute, he said without their wishes and aspirations the issue can not be settled. One hundred and three rounds of talks have been held with India on Kashmir since 1947 and those have failed. The basic reason for their failure was the disrespect to the opinion of Kashmiris.

The UJC chairman viewed that even as the world’s response towards militancy has been cold after 9/11, but the movement in Kashmir is entirely different since it continues for last 60 years against Indian occupation and is purely local in nature. Five lakh people have offered their lives during the movement. “According to UN charter we have a right for armed struggle to end the occupation under gun point,” he said.

He denied that there was any pressure on militant groups from Pakistan and added that militancy is more effective and self reliant at this time. “Whosoever comes into power in Pakistan, they can not stop the struggle in Kashmir. Our struggle is not for the freedom of Pakistan but for the survival of Kashmiris,” he said. Salahuddin opined that the ongoing movement would continue even if Pakistan stops supporting it.

Referring to the recent statement of army chief Gen Deepak Kapoor that infiltration level may go up following elections in Pakistan, the UJC chairman described it as bundle of lies and figment of his imagination. “Can it be asked of Gen Kapoor as to how the militants cross the border despite the presence of lakhs of troops along the 756 km long LoC having nine feet long and 12 feet wide barbed fencing, with electric current. Government of India has spent Rs 1500 crores on the fencing,” he said.

The UJC chairman said Mujahideen are running training camps in hills. Asked about the decrease in pace of militancy, he said that militants are carrying out a guerilla war with hit and run strategy. Under this strategy no specific pace can be kept of the militancy. The guerilla war can be run for centuries and Kashmiri militants are ready for that. The UJC chairman rejected participation in elections saying such a move would be betraying the sacrifices of the people.

He asked the government employees and transporters not to become a part of the elections. He expressed satisfaction over the statement of Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, chairman Hurriyat Conference (M) that his faction would not contest polls under Indian constitution. He said while no separatist leader has indicated his participation in the coming assembly elections, but they would get exposed if they fielded proxy candidates.

He added that Mujahideen support Syed Ali Geelani, chairman Hurriyat Conference (G) since he truly represents the aspirations and the sacrifices of the people.

According to him, the militants would be happy to offer such a support even to Mirwaiz provided he also adopted the same path as done by Geelani. He observed that nothing was achieved from the 24 rounds of talks between Hurriyat (M) and government of India at various levels.”Even Mirwaiz accepted this fact during the recent Kashmir conference in London. Mirwaiz is part of a triangular talks process and there is lot of difference between triangular talks and tripartite talks,” the UJC chairman said.

He rejected the National Conference (NC) president Omar Abdullah signing the right of self determination declaration in London conference describing it as election gimmicks. “Since the elections are round the corner, Omar wants to use the move for his vested political interests,” Sallah-u-Din said. He asked the mainstream leaders to give up double standards and pro-India politics and join the ongoing movement if they are really sincere towards Kashmiris.

He also ridiculed the demand of some mainstream parties demanding talks between New Delhi and UJC. “There is no question of militant leadership entering into talks with government of India as it is against the interests of the movement and sacrifices of Kashmir,” he said.According to him militancy will have to continuously play a decisive role in the ongoing movement. He expressed sorrow over the disunity among the separatists saying this is proving counter productive for the movement.-SANA

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