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Final lists of candidates finalized

ISLAMABAD: The Returning Officers from four provinces have finalized the lists of the candidates contesting general elections for the national and provincial assemblies. According to finalized list a total of 10037 candidates are contesting for 150 National Assemblies seats from Punjab and Islamabad. The Punjab Election Commission, Ayyaz Mahmood Baig said that 2311 candidates are in the field to contest 371 seats of Punjab Assembly. Sixty-six seats are reserved for women and eight for the minorities, he said.

From Sindh province, 627 candidates will contest for the 61 National Assembly seats. For 130 general seats of Sindh Assembly, 1468 candidates are in the field. According to Provincial Election Commission, 36 candidates are contesting the 14 special seats reserved for women in the National Assembly and 83 candidates are in the run for 29 reserved seats for women in the Sindh Assembly. Thirty-one candidates will contest for nine seats reserved for minorities in the provincial assembly.

In the NWFP, 262 candidates are in the field to contest the election for National Assembly seats. To contest provincial assembly seats 763 candidates are in the field, while 183 candidates would contest National Assembly constituencies from FATA. For 14 National Assembly seats from Balochistan province 142 candidates are in the field while 541 candidates will contest for 51 provincial assembly seats.-SANA

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