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Pakistan exclusive Citizen Journalism website

Pakistan finally has decided to meet the world on media front and promote its brighter and enlightened image, here is an example of Pakistani site involved in citizen journalism TazaKino

Catch up objective news coming from Pakistan. The idea behind citizen journalism is to encourage people to report their own News. There are few very interesting stories along with excellent pictures.

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Rubab Saleem

Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times


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  • Excellent Initiative !!
    Super Concepts!!
    Innovative Ideas !!
    Great Website

    and i’ve to say alot more.

    In today’s world where everybody projects so negativity about Pakistan this site comes as a FRESH BREATH OF AIR giving people the power to contribute to news and media directly and what’s happening on the ground directly to give you the real picture.

  • It is sad to see the tragic end of Baynazir Bhuto, And all Kashmiris adored her till she came back from exile, many od us thought she will come back to pakistan to reach her hand to all segments of divided and voilent pakistan, from the very begining she went to streets to become famous by procovocative lectures every where that made further divisions in the distructive force that are determined to divide the crazy Pakistanis further, against each other and espacially against contructive and progresive segments in Pakistan that hold the pakistans together,
    Benazir Bhuto if wise could have done it all differenly, she could have reached humbly to all segments of Pakistan to win the hearts of her advarsaries , and avoided the provocative accusations to divide Pakistanis, who in reactions came on the streets to vandalise everithing that crazy democracy can allow, pakistanis find joy in vandalising each other property, burning cars ,busses, banks hotel shops to others by joy of rage, with help of provocation by lectures of Benazir, to polerise all pakistanis, to make pakistan as Pagalistan,
    Had mrs Bhuto came to Pakistan with wisidom and wormth and with the sprit od her father and quadi Azam Jinnah, Pakistan would have been on the way of unity and calm, but instead Mrs bhuto came to smear the her enimies in civil ,religious and military that holds Pakistan together, regarless they have done mistakes which are no different than blunders of political leadears who are determined to distroy the faric of Pakistan in the name of distructive democracy of caos and revenge and hate to to keep enemies of Pakistam and Islam happy who have plans of conspiries against pakistan by introducing poison of sweet sounded democrazy to distroy Pakistan and all Islamic countries with the help and readines of benazeer bhuto, Nawaz,even Musharaf, and vandalists imran, who are all self centered determined to become famous with the help of enemies of pakistan and Islam,
    All Pakistani Public and selfcentered cadidates who are not uniters of nation due to lack of wisidom and humbleness, are responsible for thier ill fated end because the voluterly walked into circle of death, Is that not democrazy of Crazy people of Pagalistan or Pakistan. May be pakistanis and its western currupt leader will learn a leson to to humble and wise to make friends from your selfmade enimies, and to reach to talk to those enimies who you will find out latter were never your enimis, because Enimy lives within our body and brains, And no power can protect no one, when at the first when enemy and devil lives inside yourself.
    Mrs Bhuto should have thought of innocent children, before she went to the streetsto provoke to make lessr friends and more enimies, I wonder how her husband go out on dangerous gatherings, was her husband not in control. well that speaks of poor mrs bhuto and state of her character and brain, Ifeel sorry for her her family her children ,her mother,, She should have known life is too short, to go for advevtures,, she said recently , it doesnt matter if she dies, she will die for pakistan, that sounds like talibans to die for thier reasons, but what about her chldren, may be they will be brain washed, to follow the dangerous path, but I hope they be wise and humble,not to provoke to make enimies and not to divide but to unitee with good reason , without pointing fingers who can make a difference and harmony and that causes safty and scurity.
    We Kashmiris dont want to be part of pakistani or Pagalistani mess, even how fanatic you get or how educated you get, or how much trator in the hand who play with Islam and pakistan and with help of pakistani and so called muslim trators, to be bounds to distroy the fabrc of you society, to be famous in west,
    Now she is dead , how she died, no explination is right for crazy Pakistanis,one more reason to break the heads, to will death and distruction, in name of democracy, to distroy the country, be for we blame any one , we and Pakistanis must raise the question, ,why Beynazir over did what she shouldnt have done,, in quest of power, for my and many peopls opinion she did siries of mistakes and took many wrong steps, to exose herslf, ,and as she was overexausted and shouting like crazy, had she not take last wrong step , and hashe reached the allsegments of Pakistanisociety, espacially to foe and friends and with outreaching her hand to unite the advarsary and bloodthristy people pf pakistan,, she would be alive, and she would have been the catalysator pf pakistani unity, but she bungelled it all, for herself for her poor family, for people of pakistan, and the present Amistration, who made so easy Mrs to return to Pakistan, without blaming her for prevous coruption charges, and providing the scurity for Beynazir, even after she took all help and scurity and help forgranted, and one could see and feel Mrs Bhuto was will to take all the risks to over step her luck, continuesly, and very people who provide her scurity, were being shunned by her, instead being thankful, to be example for other Pakistanis, who compete with her and who she hated to reach the bounderies of end of life, by her own decision ,and by her own wrong step,, Pakistan is Wild Jungle, with wild people who have no respect for themselves and others and for who for who dangerous adventures to play with the fire, to be illfated champion, to become the intrument for who hate Pakistan and its strength,
    May God bess her soul, and keep Pakistan safe from crasy vandlisers provoked by Benazir and now by her death,that has Made pakistan into Pagalistan, since scruplous currupt leaders came back to Pakistan as intrument instablity and distructive agents of west, to try crazy mad democracy, to destroy yourself and the country.this is political sucide of ones own make.