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Kashmiris register protest by candle-light, protests, rallies on World HR Day

SRINAGAR: Protests, rallies, signature campaigns, candle-light vigils marked the observance of World Human Rights Day in the held Kashmir to register protest against human rights abused in the held Valley. Political parties, both pro-freedom and pro-India, social organisations, student unions demanded an end to the excesses committed by the Indian Army. Chairman of Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on the occasion said that if human rights violations continue unabated in Jammu and Kashmir, people would be left with no option but to take up arms again.

Malik who ended his two-day hunger strike on Tuesday said that unabated human rights violations taking place in the state. “India is pushing youth to wall and if the situation remains same they (youth) will take up arms again,” he said. Terming the claims of New Delhi and state government about no human rights violations taking place in the state as “blatant lies,” Malik said, “In past one year, 677 people have been killed out of which 44 were killed in custody. Threat perception continues to prevail in villages and people continue to suffer.”

The JKLF chairman said by sitting on two-day hunger strike, he has conveyed to the Prime Minister of India that all is not well in the state. “People from all walks of life participated in the hunger strike despite inclement weather. Senior citizens including renowned intellectuals expressed solidarity with JKLF. Participation of people should serve as an eye opener for India, as this is a non-violent and democratic message of Kashmiris to Prime Minister of India,” Malik said.

He reiterated that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should implement his promise of zero tolerance in Kashmir. “Till now Indian Prime Minister has failed to keep his word.” He said that there are clear guidelines in the United Nations Charter to which India is also a signatory for safeguarding the human rights. “India has violated those guidelines by subjecting Kashmiris to every possible atrocity.”

Lashing out at the state government for re-inducting the Ministers and other bureaucrats who were involved in the infamous sex scandal, the JKLF chairman said, “By giving clean chit to those who were involved in exploitation of our daughters and sisters, the state Government has made its intentions clear.” Referring to the Gandhian philosophy of non-violence, Malik said, “Gandhian philosophy of non-violence was successful because of the tolerance shown by British. India has no tolerance and it has ripped apart Gandhi’s philosophy by killing more than one lakh Kashmiris here.”

Accusing people in New Delhi of not following the teachings of Gandhi, Malik said, “They are least bothered about the teachings of Gandhi. The only sign of Gandhi left in India is the cotton they wear. They killed Gandhi for serving their vested interests.”
The JKLF chairman said that internal situation within India is turning from bad to worse as the people of 16 states who want to stay with India too are taking up arms for getting their local issues resolved. “If India fails to resolve its sovereignty disputes with the states like Nagaland, Manipur and Jammu and Kashmir it will have to pay a heavy price for it,” he said.

Malik claimed that more than two million people participated in his 114-day Safar-e-Azadi, “Participation of the people in Safar-e-Azadi proves what Kashmiris want and they cannot be denied their basic rights,” he said, adding, “JKLF will be displaying the CDs of Safar-e-Azadi in Kashmir, New Delhi and Pakistan shortly.”-SANA

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