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Tuesday, July 27, 2021

SHRC figures expose govt’s lies on HR abuse

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SRINAGAR: Claims of the Indian and puppet governments that there is no surge in human rights (HR) violations in occupied Jammu and Kashmir are contrary to the data available with State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) which speak of the unabated number of violations here in the held valley. The Commission was set up in September 1997 and has recorded near about four thousand acts of violations since then.

The SHRC first disproves the claims of chief minister Ghulam Nabi Azad that there is no custodial killing during 2007. The SHRC data says 17 persons were killed in custody in 2007 by different security agencies in Jammu and Kashmir. The highest number of custodial killings, SHRC data says, was recorded in year 2000-2001, with number 37, followed by year 2003-2004 with 29, year 1998-1999.22, year 2004-2005 with17,year 1999-2000 with 15, year 2002-2003 with 12.

The data says that the Commission was established on 15 September 1997 and the total number of cases reported to commission is 3547. “These are cases that came before us, there are hundreds of such cases that had not been reported to us because of reprisal,” said an official of the Commission. He said that many victim families were harassed after they approached us. “Even some were asked to withdraw the case from the Commission,” the official added.

The Commission claims that they have disposed off 2,447 cases and have made recommendations for more than 1000 cases. They are disappointed, “We have never received the action taken report from the officials,” SHRC official said. The Commission had recommended compassionate appointment of 111 people, since its establishment, but are not aware whether these people have been given the job or not. “We were never informed officially about the jobs given to victims,” the officials said.

The Commission has also recommended compensation for the families of 218 people killed in past 10 years. Almost all of them were civilians and were killed by troops or militants. “After the killing they were dubbed as militants in FIRs and the Commission investigated and recommended compensation. At times they were given and at many times our recommendation was not implemented,” the officials said. The Commission data maintains that 28 rapes committed by the different security agencies in valley were reported. “Most of the rapes were committed by the RR and these are only those cases which came in lime light and victims are safe. The rapes committed in far off areas and where families are not safe are not reported to Commission because of the fear” the official said. The Commission has received 557 cases of harassment by different security agencies during the past 10 years of its establishment. -SANA

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Rubab Saleem is Editor of Pakistan Times
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