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Ejaz Afzal for practical steps to stop HR abuse in occupied territories

RAWLAKOT: Ameer Jamaat-e-Islamai AJK Sardar Ejaz Afzal Khan has urged the international community and human rights organizations to play its due role in stopping gross human rights violation in occupied territories including Indian held Kashmir.
Talking to media here on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, he said observing the day would be useless without paying heeds to the human rights violations in occupied territories of Indian held Kashmir, Philistine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

He said that massacre of innocent children and women is a big question mark for the international human rights organizations. He asked the international human rights bodies to play effective role in stopping human rights violation ion these territories as only lip service would not heal wounds of thousand of innocent people.

He said that India, who claims to be the biggest democratic state, is unfamiliar with democratic norms and human rights. He said that Indian forces have martyred more than 100,000 innocent Kashmiris, demanding for their right of self-determination which is the basic human right of every human being. Thousands are behind the bar and thousands are displaced but the so called champions of human rights paying no attention to their miseries. “Turing blind eye to these gross human rights violation in held Kashmir is the double standard of the so called human rights organizations,” he said. He said that man-made system is no guarantee of human rights, added that right of self-determination is the actual right.-SANA

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