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“Parties contest, provide legal cover to unconstitutional moves,” Wajihuddin

ISLAMABAD: Justice (Retd) Wajihuddin has said that the parties contesting the upcoming polls are actually making grounds for the 18th Amendment aimed to legalize the unconstitutional steps taken by President Pervez Musharraf. He appealed to all the political parties and the masses to stay away from the “fraud election’ and exposed the illegal and unconstitutional steps of Musharraf by not taking part in the election process.”

He said that the parties which decided to contest the election will provide a legal cover to Musharraf’s unconstitutional moves. “The illegal and unconstitutional President is staging an election drama to legalize his unconstitutional measures,” he maintained.

He said that contesting election is tantamount to accept and support the Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO). He said that Supreme Court and Bar Association had drawn a well planned and effective strategy for the second phase of its protest movement. Lawyers’ community would soon launch a well organized and effective nationwide movement and no one would dare to hinder the movement for restorations of free judiciary.

Wajihuddin said that he was not worried from the decision of some political parties to contest the upcoming polls but added that it was regrettable. “It is regrettable that on one hand they decide to boycott the polls and on the other hand announce to contest the elections,” he stated. He pledged that lawyer’s struggle will continue till restoration of free judiciary. He said that how an independent judiciary can be established without restoring the free judiciary. “Independent judiciary can only be established by restoring the free judiciary,” he added.-SANA

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