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Pakistan promoting pro Indian politicians in IHK: JI AJK

LONDON: Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Azad Kashmir Raja Jhanghir Khan has said Kashmir freedom struggle could not succeed due to lack of courageous political leadership in Pakistan. Addressing as chief guest at a reception, he said that present rulers in Pakistan are busy in struggle of their own survival and have forgotten the appalling destitution and suffering of Kashmiri people. He said India and Pakistan seem to be unanimous to install puppets politician in AJK and occupied Kashmir who could serve their interests.

He regretted that pro- Pakistan forces in occupied Kashmir are being pushed to the wall and the politicians aligned to India are being promoted with the aim to harm Kashmiri peoples’ struggle for right of self determination. He said JI and other freedom loving parties would continue their struggle in disregard of the policies of India and Pakistan and would not compromise on principles. Saying that right of self determination of the people of Jammu and Kashmir has not been bestowed on them by India or Pakistan-it is their inherent right which no one can take away from them, he added that Kashmiris will not abandon their struggle till this goal is achieved.

He said it was only Jammat Islami which had warmly received thousands of refugees who poured into Azad Kashmir in a state of appalling conditions and miseries and provided them shelter and food by utilizing its limited resources. The ruler in Azad Kashmir which is base camp of Kashmir freedom movement had done nothing but stashing away millions and billions on their luxuries and foreign tours, he added.

He further said that victims of the earthquake have not been rehabilitated and even capital of Azad Kashmir is still presented a look of ruined city. Whatever development is seen in the earthquake affected area was done by Local and international NGOs and other development agencies. Mohammad Ghalib President of Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK, Raja Mohammad Azad, Host Raja Jamil Akhtar Secretary Sheffield Branch Councillors and other Community leaders also spoke on the occasion.-SANA

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