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Pakistan gets representation in world online business conference-PubCon

04012007002.jpg LAS VEGAS: Hasan Saleem CEO of, has represented Pakistan in the international conference for online business and webmasters PUBCON held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, USA.The 24-year old MBA graduate has already earned reputation as one of the best Internet Entrepreneur and Marketing Consultant in South Asia early this decade.

Top online businessmen, webmasters and professionals from all around the globe attended the four-day conference that begun on December 4. Hassan’s participation in the highly competitive atmosphere is a matter of honour for the country as there are only few people who are involved in Online business in Pakistan as compared to neighbouring India which have a saturated online business market.

His participation in the conference is not only recognition to Pakistan in international online community but it will also pave way for promoting the upcoming webmasters in the country. The sponsors of this conference are Yahoo, MSN live and Demand media, Speakers from Google also Participated.

Besides discussions, training sessions and conference meetings, one exhibition was organized putting on display the new tools and strategies to the webmasters. Several courses were designed to help the participating webmasters including Major PPC Engines, Vendor Panel, Monetizing Social Media Traffic, Optimizing Your Site for Contextual Ads, CSS and HTML Coding,Search and Blogging Reporters Forum, Video Search Engine Listings and Optimization, Effective Affiliate Strategies and Page Rank.

PubConference is renowned platform for gathering and meeting people who are read in online news stories, The series of conference stretched back to the late 80’s when user group meetings around the then-called Power Elite BBS. After passing several years it has transformed on modernized lines.

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