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Over 100,000 Orphans in IHK: Survey

SRINAGAR: A survey conducted by an NGO revealed that occupied Kashmir has more than one lakh orphans at present. A survey conducted by an amalgam of around 13 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) – Voluntary Associations Network (VAN) – revealed that that the count of orphans has risen unabatedly since violence broke out in Kashmir in 1989. “We have around one lakh orphans in the violence hit Kashmir at present”, said Abdul Rashid Hanjoor, general secretary of VAN Kashmir.

Hanjoora stated said that they have done a door-to-door survey in Kashmir to conduct the survey.”Of these orphans, 15308 lost their parents because of violence,” he said. He added that the conditions of orphans of violence related families was very pathetic. “The government has not adopted any policy for the rehabilitation and upliftment of these children”, Hanjoora said.

“Orphans of militancy affected families are living a life of utter discrimination. The orphans are only discriminated and deprived of their rights because their fathers or other relatives were militants,” he added. Concerned over the plight of orphans of militancy related families, Hanjoora said it is high time for people and Kashmir government to take immediate steps to rehabilitate these orphans.

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