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Pakistan’s naval ships to visit Malaysian port

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KUALA LUMPUR: Two Pakistan flag carrier naval ships, PNS Shahjahan and PNS Nasr, with embarked helicopters, are schedule to habour at Langkawi Naval Base of Malaysia on Tuesday. The ships are participating in Lima-07 after completing their sojourn to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

PNS Nasr, commanded by Captain Muhammad Abid who has served on a number of appointments at sea and ashore, is a leading unit of Pakistan Navy Fleet’s 9th Auxiliary and Mine Warfare Squadron. PNS Nasr is capable of providing fuel, water and stores including ammunition to surface ships and Helicopters at sea for their prolonged operations and therefore it acts as lifeline of the Fleet.

NASR has also extensively participated in Tsunami Relief Operations at Maldives; having the distinction to undertake the very first rescue operation by Helo in that country by any organization. Most notably, she was part of UN sponsored operation “United Shield” in 1995 for helping in withdrawal of UN troops from war torn Somalia.

PNS Shahjahan, commanded by Captain Rehan Aziz Khan who has served onboard different ships for over 12 years, is the Navy’s front line ship which is fitted with state-of-the-art weapons and sensors. The ship is operated by officers and men who are expertly trained and resolutely devoted.

The visit by the Pakistani Naval ships to Malaysia would not only further cement the existing historic and friendly relationships between the Naval Forces of the two countries but would also provide an opportunity to the Navy Officers to learn from each other’s experiences to improve upon their professional skills and competence.-SANA

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