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Ejaz hails APDM’s decision of boycotting polls

HAJIRA: MMA President and Ameer Jamatt-e-Islami AJK Sardar Ejaz Afzal Khan welcomed the decision of All Parties Democratic Movement (APDM) to boycott the general elections as saying that the up-coming polls in noting but a plot.

Addressing the party workers here on Friday, he appealed to all the political parties to stay away from the elections which according to Ejaz Afzal are going to be held under Musharraf’s sword. “Instead of contesting the engineered election, it is time to intensify the movement for restoration of the deposed judges,” he said.

He also suggested that the new Chief of the Army Staff General Ishfaq Pervez Kiyani should shun policies of President Musharraf, and should devise his own line of action to command the army. He asked the new Army Chief to end the ongoing military operation in Swat and bridge the gulf of hatred between the armed forces and the people.

Sardar Ejaz Afzal accused President Musharraf of sabotaging the free judiciary just to prolong his rule. The respectable judges have awakened the nation’s soul by refusing to take oath under the PCO, he said. The judges, he said, had done their duty, and now it is responsibility of the entire nation to come forward and launch a comprehensive and organized campaign for the restoration of free judiciary in the country.-SANA

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