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Musharraf not acceptable even as civilian president, says Qazi

ISLAMABAD: President Mutahida Majlas-e-Amal (MMA) and Ameer Jamat-e- Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmed declined to accept Pervez Musharraf even as a civilian president. Talking to a private TV channel, Qazi said that despite stepping down as army Chief, Musharraf’s election as President of Pakistan is still illegal and unconstitutional.

The Army’s image, he said, has also been damaged due to dual offices of General Pervez Musharraf. He said that it is important that the army keep itself away from politics and perform its professional duties. It is all depended now on the new Army Chief to keep the army away from politics, he added.

He said that the army is confronting with its own people in the Tribal Areas and Swat. He demanded for immediate withdrawal of army from these areas as the use of force is not solution to the problem. All issues in these areas should be resolved by peaceful means, he added.

Rejecting presidential election, Qazi said that MMA doesn’t accept Pervez Musharraf even as a civilian president. Only the doffing off uniform is not enough. There is urgent need in change of policies which has thrown the country into quagmire. Restoration of judiciary is more important than lifting of emergency as without a free judiciary, the system will not come on track, he said. On a query, he said that Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan has given him mandate to take decision regarding boycott or otherwise regarding the up-coming polls.-SANA

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