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Emergency inevitable for continuity of democratic process, claims minister

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Privatisation and Investment Muhammad Wasi Zafar while justifying promulgating of emergency said that the step was inevitable for the continuity and promotion of democratic process and country’s prosperity.

Talking to media persons here on Tuesday, he said that the government’s recent actions taken were in the best interest of the country and the nation and were need of the hour to bring harmony among the national institutions. Certain elements had created law and order situation, which had disturbed the normal life but the timely action taken by the government has curtailed the chances of further deterioration of the situation, he added.

Zafar further stated that the government was sincerely endeavoring for the promotion of democratic process by holding general elections in consultation with all political parties as per schedule. There was no need for anyone’s comments on our internal affairs, as we better understand our domestic ground realities than anyone else, he opined.

He hoped that the people would ensure victory for the ruling and the coalition parties in the upcoming general elections on the basis of performance. Highlighting government’s achievements made on the economic front, Zafar said that the economic reforms introduced by the government has attracted all time high historic investment to the tune of US $ 8.5 billion and made Pakistan a safe haven for the investors through investor friendly policies.

The government, he said, achieved the results above than the set targets through the continuity and the consistency of the investment, privatisation and other related economic policies and we hope that after achieving success in the coming general elections, further economic growth would be witnessed through the implementation of these successful policies.-SANA

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    all Pakistani President as well as opposition must look in to the recent history, that America and its European allies have been using democracy as weapon to destroy their enemies ans especially Muslim countries, American was recommending democracy and perestroica in former Soviet Union with the help of brainless soviets opposition and reactionaries destroyed the strong Soviet Union who helped abundantly Islamic countries and Americans who instrumentalised Bin Ladin raised the slogan all Muslims to get together to destroy GODLESS SOVIETS WHO DEDICATEDLY HELPED MUSLIM COUNTRIES; but same Muslims turned against their helpers and friends, as Muslims cant differentiate between friends and enemies, this happen to Muslims always in history, that Muslims mix with their friends, because Muslims are red headed, and self destructive,
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