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Selling of sub-standard tea: local company receives court notice

ISLAMABAD: Senior Special Magistrate of Capital Development Authority (CDA) has issued a court notice to ‘Islamabad Chai’ a local company and asked him to appear before the court for providing the sub-standard tea to various markets and shops of the federal capital. A month ago, during its survey in the various markets of the capital, Inspection Team of the Health Ministry collected many samples of tea from various shops of the markets and had been sent it to NIH for quality test.

Analysis of the tea proved that tea sample of Kashif General Store, Faizabad was sub-standard and the shopkeeper before the city magistrate court claimed that the tea was being supplied to him by “Islamabad Chai”.

Kashif Mehmood before the court said, “We run a small business and cannot do amelioration as the tea packets supply by the company are fully sealed”. Upon this, the court issued a notice to the company to appear before the court. On contacting the “Islamabad Chai”, employee of the company Afsar Khan refused the allegations saying, we supply the same tea to many shops and markets and we had never been alleged for providing sub-standard tea.

According to recent reports by the medical journals, many serious diseases in the country had been caused by using sub-standard products. Tea is considered a tradition drink in the Pakistan and its usage becomes more and more in winter. Shopkeeper and company owners, for their own benefits and interests, do not care public health and the ineffective role on behalf of the concern authorities reached this issue to an alarming level.-SANA

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