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US spy plane crashes in North Waziristan

MIRAN SHAH: An American espionage plane crashed in North Waziristan in the night between Friday and Saturday. The pilot-less aircraft crashed at Lund Muhamamd Khan village, some 15 km from here, sources here said. However, it is not clear whether the plane was brought down by the militants or it crashed due to some technical fault.The United States, leading the NATO forces in Afghanistan, are keeping a strict watch on the situation the tribal areas, particularly in South and South Waziristan.

US officials have even not ruled out direct military strike in these areas in hot pursuit of the Afghan Taliban and al-Qaeda activists, who they claim, are creating trouble on the Afghan side of the border. Pakistan government has outrightly ruled out direct foreign intervention in its territory. The sources said that local tribesmen showed parts of the crashed drone to each other.-SANA

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