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US official marks Pakistan’s struggle against drugs as success story

ISLAMABAD: The Administrator of the United States Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Karen P. Tandy has described Pakistan as “a success story in the global war on drugs.” “The U.S. DEA and Pakistan stand shoulder-to-shoulder, and we are proud of our friendship with Pakistani law enforcement,” she told a gathering of anti-narcotics and law enforcement officials. “We are eager to build on our outstanding friendship with Pakistan and Pakistani law enforcement for the good of both of our nations.”

Karen observed that Pakistan is “America’s vital ally on anti-drug efforts.” Introducing the DEA Administrator, the American Ambassador, Anne W. Patterson, noted that in her previous posting as Assistant Secretary for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, she worked closely with Administrator Tandy. “I saw first-hand the outstanding work of the DEA under her leadership,” the U.S. Ambassador remarked. “Within the United States and around the world, the DEA has a strong record of success in dismantling drug trafficking organizations and bringing drug traffickers to justice.”

The DEA Administrator said that, according to UN estimates, the world drug trade generates 320 billion U.S. dollars and is the “single most profitable sector of transnational criminality.” “To address this global drug threat, DEA works with enforcement agencies worldwide. In fact, we have a larger international presence than any other U.S. federal law enforcement agency,” DEA’s Tandy added. Explaining the “sinister connection between drugs and terrorism,” Ms. Tandy said that the “monster of the Afghan opium trade” threatens not only Pakistan but the entire world.

“I have just come from Afghanistan, and I can tell you that we are having success in the vital attack on the Afghan opium trade,” the U.S. DEA Administrator added. “Together with our Afghan counterparts and Coalition forces, we are successfully identifying, disrupting, and dismantling high-level Afghan trafficking organizations, their leaders, their infrastructure, and their illicit assets.” Assuring U.S. support to Pakistan in counter-narcotics efforts, she noted that “like the United States, Pakistan has been hard-hit by the problem of drug abuse.” “We are here to work with you to keep the opium threat from flooding your nation with the misery of addiction, and to eliminate the very real threat of drug-funded terrorism,” she concluded.-SANA

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