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Friday, June 25, 2021

Azeem for stern action responsible for journalists’ harassment

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ec-nomintaion-tariq-azeem.JPG ISLAMABAD: A police officer has reported to be allegedly involved in the Saturday’s attack on Minister of State for Information Tariq Azeem. Informed sources revealed that the said police officer signaled to the security personnel for teaching him a lesson as soon as he saw the minister in an imbalance. On which the security personnel dragged the minister out of the vehicle and punched him repeatedly.

According to the sources the police officer involved had personal grievances with Tariq Azeem during his (police officer) posting in Lahore and was looking for an opportunity. “As soon as the police officer saw the minister, he signaled the plain clothed security personnel for action, dragged him from the imbalance and punched him several times,” sources said, adding that some of the journalists intervened and escorted Tariq Azeem to safety.

The federal government has launched an inquiry of the alleged involvement of a police officer in the incident. This action of the police officer not only affected the relations of government and media but also resulted in the ugly scenes in the premises of the Election Commission office and on Constitution Avenue. The authorities were inquiring the incident on a high level as it created serious misunderstanding among the media and government. The journalists’ community announced to boycott the Prime Minister’s reception in a protest of police brutalities against their colleagues. Meanwhile, Minister of State for Information Tariq Azeem has said that certain elements wanted to create rifts and misunderstands between the government and media.

In an interview, the minister said that democracy prevails in the country but certain elements wanted to disturb peace by creating such dreadful incidents. He assured the media that the government would investigate the police harassment and use of force against the journalists and would punish all those responsible for the tragic incidents.-SANA

Durrani describes violence outside Election Commission office as lamentable

ISLAMABAD: Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani has described the violent incident outside the Election Commission Secretariat in Islamabad as regrettable. Talking to SANA, he said. He said in such a situation, the incident outside the Election Commission to forcefully enter the offices and take the law into their own hands was obviously a lamentable act. He said resorting to such steps was matter of particular concern at a time when the Election Commission officials were engaged to accomplished the scrutiny process of the nomination papers filed for the presidential election in the presence of candidates and their representatives. He said the candidates’ proposers, seconders and their lawyers were also present on the occasion.

He said in such a situation, the incident outside the Election Commission to forcefully enter the offices and take the law into their own hands was obviously a regrettable act. He said during such a situation, if there is any violence by police it could also not be appreciable. Mr. Durrani said Minister of State for Information Tariq Azim and an MQM leader Dr. Farooq Sattar were also manhandled badly when they were helping the injured persons to board on ambulances. He said this incident is also highly regrettable.-SANA

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